Receiving Data from temp. sensor and placing it in serial monitor using the Xbee

I am using the Arduino Uno and the Zigbee. I’m trying to make a data receiver basically. I have the code for the One wire ready to go but all I need is that sensor (18b20) to be wireless. For example, putting a wireless sensor into a server room to see the room temp. The baud rate is 9600 and yes I’m trying to make it display the sensor temp into the serial monitor. I’m using this:

to help me but it’s not quite working…\

here is the code I was talking about without the Xbee part

##include <OneWire.h>
#include <DallasTemperature.h>

OneWire oneWire(6); // datapin D6
DallasTemperature sensors(&oneWire);
float temp1, temp2, temp3;

void setup() {

void loop() {
  temp1 = sensors.getTempCByIndex(0);
  temp2 = sensors.getTempCByIndex(1);
  temp3 = sensors.getTempCByIndex(2);

  Serial.print("Temp1: ");
  Serial.print(temp1, 1); // one decimal place
  //Serial.print(temp1, 4); // four decimal places
  Serial.println(" C");
  Serial.print("Temp2: ");
  Serial.print(temp2, 1);
  Serial.println(" C");
  Serial.print("Temp3: ");
  Serial.print(temp3, 1);
  Serial.println(" C\n"); // extra newline

“There are lots of DS18B20 tutorials on the web for Arduino. YouTube is the wrong place to look, though.”


it's not quite working...\

The deafening silence might be broken if you were a little more coherent in your description of the problem. "Not quite" is meaningless. You apparently have a problem with XBee, yet you specifically exclude the XBee code in your post. You do not even say if the code you do post works.