Receiving data wirelessly from a Sparkfun 5DOF


Im trying to make the simple beginnings to create autonomous flight routines for my helicopter.

Im probably jumping in at the deep end as I dont have much experience with electronics but at the moment I have an Arduino that can input PWM to the trainer port of my transmitter and make the rotors turn (with blades off).

I want to put my Sparkfun 5DOF on the helicopter, and transmit the readings wireless back to my Arduino where I would like to log this data in a txt file. I think this will be essential for calibrating and testing of the system.. Basically for now if I can get a bit of breadboard with the sensor on, hold it in my hand and for the Arduino to log the data through some wireless connection would be fantastic..

So, any ideas I should go down to do this? Has anyone done this before (id assume im not the first person to attempt this).

Thanks in advance for any help

There are several parts to what you want to do:
Get readings from the Sparkfun 5DOF.
Send the data wirelessly.
Receive the data wirelessly.
Record the data to a text file.

Aside from an Arduino and the 5DOF, we don’t know what you have for doing wireless sending and receiving of data, nor do we know what parts you need help with.

Do you know how to get data from the 5DOF? Do you have any wireless devices (XBee or RF or ?)?

What do you need help with?

Well Ive actually now got data wirelessly transmitting from my arduino to my PC, but Im not being able to log it in a text file and then read it back into the arduino yet..