Receiving good characters with crap with xbee

Hello arduino community !

I'm currently trying to transmit data through 2 xbee and i'm facing a problem.
Here is my configuration :

I have an emitter set with an arduino mega coupled to a grove xbee shield 2.0 with xbee on it
I have a receiver set with an xbee plugged onto an usb explorer (from sparkfun)

I have connected the receiver on a first pc and I use the XCTU serial console interface to see what I can receive

the emitter has the following code :

void setup() 

void loop()

When I check the received characters, here is what I get :


As you can see, I receive the good characters but with some extra crap...
Do you know where the problem could be please ?

What about a longer delay? 9600 baud can't support 1000 bytes/s

Same thing with a delay(1000); :frowning:

it's worst with 1000 delay... I really don't understand...