receiving "'gps_port' was not declared in this scope" error.

Hi and thanks in advance. This may be a simple fix but I can't reach the original coder and my googling has only produced other people having the same problem but no solutions.

I have attached the code.

and here is the error I am getting:

exit status 1
'gps_port' was not declared in this scope

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and please let me know if I'm going about asking in the right way.

HighAltitudeBalloon3.2.ino (10.1 KB)

A) Any time you use non-standard libraries such as NMEAGPS and GPSport, it is use ful to include them in your post. Without them nobody can get past a compile error and reproduce your problem. It's also difficult to guess what might be happening in them and whether variables are correctly named and/or in conflict.

B) Have a look at line 298. Does that look right?