Receiving Growl Messages

Is there any library out there that would allow receiving growl messages over the ethernet shield?
Or at least a good place to start in maybe creating one?

Just so everyone is clear on what you are asking - is this what you mean by "Growl Message"?:


Sorry, should've been more clear.
Specifically, I'm actually talking about GNTP which is the Growl protocol for Windows:
As far as I know, Macs don't support it yet... but I'm using Windows, so GNTP is really what I need.

Strange; both sites use the same logo - and it seems like the same project - is one newer/older than the other?

Not sure it really matters, though - I don't know anything about any of it...


They are related and the teams collaborate, but they are developed by separate teams... and, more importantly, the two implementations are actually not compatible. So no Mac to PC Growl :frowning:

The Mac version is apparently a little more ad hoc, while the Windows guys did up a full protocol and spec (GNTP). Though I have no idea why the Mac team has yet to actually implement that spec in their client... apparently it's coming in v1.3 (they are on v1.2.1 now).