Receiving IrDA with Arduino

Hello, I need to receive IrDA signals using this:
The same transceiver will be sending me the signals. I read that IrDA uses unmodulated signals or something of the sort, and that I might need a decoder/encoder between the sensor and the Arduino (Mega) so that I can use the signal.

My questions are: What decoder/encoder would work? Can any decoder/encoder be used easily with an Arduino and the sensor? Is there a way to solve this with software? :confused:

Also, if this is not where I should post this can someone redirect me? ???


I know very little about IrDA apart from using it once or twice to link my phone to a laptop (many years ago). Reading up on it and it seems to be a bit of a minefield with different encoding methods depending on distance etc but I did see reference to a encode/decode chip called an MCP2120 that may make life a bit easier. As is always the case with official standards you have to pay to get any useful technical documentation.

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