Receiving logic 0/1 from remote Bluetooth using square wave

My project is a remote occupancy sensor, Bluetooth connected to a receiving bluetooth/serial. If the remote hardware were to transmit via ascii using UART, that's straight forward, but then requires a microprocessor at the remote end with more complexity and more battery power.

So, before I mock this up, and spend countless hours debugging , can I get your thoughts on a remote hardware scheme configured so that upon occupancy sensed, a 555 timer sends repeating square wave to the HC-05 Bluetooth transmitter ? The square wave would be 10 bits wide @ 9600khz.

Could this square wave be received as an ASCII character, and then interpreted as logical Yes on receiving end ?

Thank you for your thoughts.

I guess it might be simpler to set the bluetooth at the remote end to turn on when occupancy occurs and the receiver is configured to respond to that event, using the auto-connect facility. That way, you don't need an Arduino at the remote end, and no 555 either. You may even find you don't need an Arduino at the receiving end, as I suspect it may serve no other purpose than to refine the event, record the event, or otherwise guild the lily.

Good point, Nick. I will experiment with that, too. Is definitely a simpler method.