Receiving multiple esp32 -cam streams from one wifi server

Hello. I Recently got one esp32 -cam camera working with the help from some other members in another thread of mine I will link it here because someone had a similar question in my last post.

I have plans for a setup involving multiple esp 32- cams and one main Arduino with one of these

and the following post shows how I could achieve this from the Arduinos end of things.

And for the esp32 -cam side of things I have been using this code Its from the CameraWebServer from File->Examples->esp32->CameraWebServer.

Can I turn this code into a client and connect to the Arduinos webserver? For example using code like the code from above? /esp8266-tcp-server-with-multiple-clients. If so how would one alter it to receive visual data from various esp- 32 cam's.

heres a link to my other thread

Thanks for any input.

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