Receiving multiple sensor inputs wirelessly.


i have created a wireless sensor network using 3 arduino boards and 3 xbee series 2 radios mounted on arduino using xbee shield.

one board, the coordinator is connected to pc via usb while the other two routers have single sensors attached. the two sensors attached are lm35 temperature to one board and pusle oximeter to another.

i am not sure how to proceed further and how to code the coordinator board to receive inputs from the senors, differentiate between the two inputs and display it.

please help.

This sounds like a master/multiple slave arrangement.

You need to allocate a number to each slave and interrogate each by name.

Master: slave1 please send data
Slave1: here is data from slave1

Master: Slave2........


If you just let the slave send data at its own time, you will get data collisions.

Each slave should send a confirmation of its ID with each packet of data.