Receiving Oregon sensor data on an XD-RF-5V

Or rather, not receiving anything !

I'm using an Arduino UNO, with an XD-RF-5V 433Mhz receiver (ubiquitous on eBay). My temperature probe is Oregon V3 THGR800, and it works well with the Oregon console. I can send and transmit 433 Mhz data with the RCswitch library. But I get nothing with the "Oregon decoder by Dominique Pierre" code.

Has anybody succeeded with that receiver, or should I get another model ?

The receiver should work, but in any case you should check its output with an oscilloscope or PC/sound card/Audacity to see if the incoming signal looks right, or needs to be inverted (it does need to be inverted on my setup). Here is an example

Also make sure you are using the correct version (2.1 or 3) code.

Thanks. I was considering buying a cheap oscilloscope anyway. Do you think the cheap Hantek 6022BE (60$ on eBay) will do ? And how do I know the signal is inverted ?

Some reviews of that scope:

To tell if the signal is inverted you will need an oscilloscope or Audacity trace, and compare your receiver's output with the traces that others have posted.