Receiving RF 433MHz signals from wireless PIR sensor


I am trying to use a wireless PIR sensor, which sends alarm signals via RF 315MHz or 433MHz.

According to the sensor’s manual (attached), there is a Code Jumper, which I presume sets the unique address of the sensor:

Code Jumper: used to set address code and zone code with alarm host. A0 A7 is address code, which should correspond with alarm host. (No need for 1527 code IC.) D0 D3 is data code for setting defence zone.

My question is: How do I use an Arduino to receive the signals from the sensor? How would I be able to decode the address code?

My final system will have up to 20 sensors, so I need a way to uniquely identify each sensor with hopefully just one receiver.

Thanks in advance.

AJ-615R Wireless PIR Sensor.pdf (133 KB)

Those are often 2262 / 2272 protocol. If you open it, you might see a chip with one of those numbers.

You need a common ASK receiver, there are hundreds of those on Ebay.
A library that can read the 2262 / 2272 protocol is the RCswitch or the fuzzillogic library.

Hi Peter_n,

Thank you for your reply. It took a while for me to respond because I was looking up what you advised.

You mentioned the RCswitch or fuzzylogic library. Would the VirtualWire library work as well for 2262 protocol?

I'm asking because I see some examples of RF receivers build using VirtualWire.

Indeed I do see many ASK receivers. Do they generally all work with any library or are there specific libraries for specific receivers?

Thanks for your help!

Would the VirtualWire library work as well for 2262 protocol?

No, VirtualWire has a unique protocol. Use the RCSwitch library.

Most remote weather (and other types of) sensors use custom protocols, but many have been decoded.