receiving SMS text messages with arduino

hi there,

i am new to arduino (and hw in gen.) ... wondering if there is a way to receive sms text messages sent either to 1. arduino board via bluetooth 2. a module attached to the arduino board (not necessarily bluetooth)

i am trying to avoid using a primary cell phone as a tether- would anyone have information about how to go about this? basically the end goal would be to recognize the messages and be able to do something from the computer with them. the arduino would therefore be hooked in to the computer via usb.

none of the posts that i have found are very clear to me so i wanted to post something more baseline here.

thanks e

i wanted to also mention that i would be up for receiving the data via a landline phone is that is possible. anyone have any experience with decrypting the messages that a landline would receive in such a case?

any help on any of the above topics would be appreciated...

thanks, e

In the upper right there is a search field, just search for SMS and you find many relevant threads.

i've found threads that relate to how to decode sms messages, but none on particulars of what hardware to use.

i'm looking for details like 1. what hardware works 2. what can be done with a landline system (for ex., how would one decode/receive messages via a caller id module or similar) 3. what other options there are for bluetooth or similar

i'm trying to avoid tethering to a main cell phone, so that's why i feel the question is a bit more specific.

if anyone can point me to threads that cover the above material specifically, i would appreciate it- i have looked to no avail.


i found this thread:

i think i might try this module out as it seems to be the most mobile solution. what are people's experiences with xbees and sms? it seems like people are using a linux machine to receive sms messages. if this is the case, then i suppose i wouldn't really need an arduino to receive them.

what are people's experiences with xbees and sms?

What is the relationship between XBees and SMS? XBees don't send/receive SMS. Cell phones do.