receiving strange characters from Xbee s2c

hello there!
i am using s2c xbees for serial communication, one is connected to arduino Zero with wireless proto shield and transmits data to the other xbee which is connected to a Xbee usb adapter and i am reading the data in the xctu console log.

the console log gives me strange characters when i power up the arduino Zero, which means that they are transmitted from the first xbee.

does anyone know why i am receiving these strange characters?
I need to get rid of these characters.

millitry.ino (267 Bytes)

Please post your code as outlined in the how to use the forum stickies. Those of us on mobile devices may not have a way to easily view your code, otherwise. And there are many who will not download code. So by not posting code properly you are missing out on a lot of potential help.

Are the XBees configured to communicate at 9600 baud? How ARE the XBees configured?

Is the PC application configured to communicate at 9600 baud?