Receiving String from app CurieBLE - Arduino 101


i’m currently working on an Android App (with Cordova) to control the Arduino 101 board via BLE connection.
I am able to successfully send data from the Arduino to the App (AnalogRead values, etc) via BLE Notifications. However, I ran into a few issues while receiving data from the app.

At this point I can get unsigned chars via the BLEUnsignedCharCharacteristic but i’m not able to receive a complete string (o char array). This restricts me to values between 0 and 255.

I need to send something like this: “A,05,200” which means analog, pin5, valueOfPWM.

I don’t think that the issue is on the app site, I’ve also tried with nRFConnect without success.

My questions are:

  • What would I need to do to successfully receive such strings?
  • Which characteristic should I use for that?
  • Do I have to create a custom characteristic? if so, how?

I would really appreciate any help you could give me, any example or link to a more complete documentation of the BLE library.

Hope you can help me with this! Thank you very much in advance!

You could try my free pfodDesigner app, it generates Arduino101 code with a Nordic UART service which you can use to send strings.

It also allows you to create Android menus and to send data to the android for logging and plotting on pfodApp

See this tutorial How to Display/Plot Arduino Data on Android