Recent Arduino Based Projects (hexapod, bubbles, cooties)

I had a couple brutal weeks at work that caused a little insomnia/creativity. Here's an RBBB based bubble blowing robot, a Dorkboard based hexapod and a Cootie Detector based on an ATiny45 programmed via an ArduinoISP.

hexapod - Arduino based, three servo hexapod (maiden voyage) - YouTube

bubble blowing robot - My Arduino Based Bubble Bot - YouTube

cootie detector - Pocket biometric reader for games of exclusion! - YouTube

Enjoy! Rob

I'm not going to show the bubblebot-video to my two little nieces soon. They'll keep "demanding" I'll build one too. I like the way your bot dips the soap-water to keep it bubbling, very simple yet very effective and it looks great too !

Thanks. Of all of the random stuff that I've made over the years that bubble bot is the only thing that hasn't been repurposed into another project. My only complaint is that the kids can power through one of those half gallon jugs of bubbles over a period of just a few sunny days.