Recent NXP 480x272 colour touchscreen -- library available?

This looks pretty darned nifty -- and digi-key's page says it's controlled via I2C which sounds almost too good to be true :slight_smile:

MFR Data Sheet

Digi-Key Catalogue Page

However, other references to (same?) device don't mention i2c so I'm wondering if this is a misprint on digi-key's web site. The drive chip OTA5180A seems to be SPI?

this is my first venture into graphical displays for Arduino -- I've only used 16x2 and 20x2 character displays with i2c backpack so far -- so please forgive if my ignorance is showing.

I'm wondering if anyone has yet written any higher-level libraries for this specific device, or is it so new that I might be the first on the block to fool around with one? haven't ordered it yet but my fingers are itching :slight_smile: an RGB capacitive touch screen could revolutionise (and repackage) the front panel of my project, not to mention reclaiming many duino ports now monitoring push buttons.

I'm putting together a digi-key order and just need a small amount of encouragement to buy one of these!

It appears that the Touch Panel Controller chip is this. It is I2C plus an interrupt pin (if required) but the display panel is a 24 bit parallel connection.

It presents you with a 40 pin connector for the tft screen and a 6 pin connector for the touch panel.

If you are concerned about the number of pins, look at an SPI touch screen. The tft part usually requires 4 main signal pins. All apart from the CS (chip select) can be shared with other devices. The touch panel (if also SPI) adds just another pin for its own CS pin.