rechargable and soft on/off power circuit for arduino.

Hi friends,

first of all sorry for my bad english,

i want to design a rechargeable power and regulator circuit with LM 2576 and a li-ion 7.4v battery for arduino, that i can turn it on and off with single push button switch.
by pressing the button, LM 2576 on/off pin connect to GND and arduino turn on, after that one of the arduino’s output pins that connected to LM 2576 on/off pin goes to DOWN to keep regulator on when user release button. when system is on and button pressed, one of the arduino’s input pins connect to GND and arduino’s pin that connected to LM2576 goes to UP and turns regulator off.
(i read that somewhere to turn on LM2576 any voltage lower than Vin required and we know arduino output is +5v. if that is true, any idea how to turn off LM2576???)
please check circut’s schematic and if has any problem, help me to solve it.

Thanks for your help

The power jack connection is dangerous, think what would happen if you plug 12V power supply into it with the battery in circuit.

There is also no fuse.

And the power off of the Arduino circuit wont work, but with the safety issues addressed you can try it and work out why.