Rechargable power source

Hello all, I need a rechargable power source that can power an arduino micro, an IR receiver and some RGB-LED's Does anyone have any suggestions? I need it to be compact, weight is not a problem.

Thanks in advance.

I'm not exactly sure, so others will have to chime in but maybe something similar to this might work for you ?

and to recharge I just bought one of these myself and it works great.

my point being a battery with a good amperage and a recharging circuit. From the picture of the battery that connector is different then the one that's accepted by the PowerBoost . But I'm sure with a little googling you could find a battery that suits your specific needs and also works with that charger.

LiPos can catch fire if they are over-discharged. The Adafruit Powerboost is only appropriate for a single-cell LiPo, as using a series-cell LiPo battery like the one linked will not trigger the low-voltage safety shutdown feature.