Recharging seal lead acid battery with turbine generator


I would like to ask if it is possible to charge a 12V, 20W and 1.66ah seal acid battery with a 10W High Power Water Turbine Generator Micro Hydroelectric Charging Tool DC 5V?

Also, the battery needs constant voltage for recharging, but will this turbine generator provides constant voltage for it? Specifications for turbine generator is as follows:

Model Options: 0~80V, 5V
The Maximum Output Voltage: 80V (1.2Mpa)
The Maximum Output Current: ≥ 220mA (12V)

Thank you.

Post links to the datasheets for the battery you are using and for the turbine. The data you have posted are very confusing (to me anyway).

I suspect you need an electronic circuit between the generator and the battery to ensure that the charging requirements for the battery are met. However there may not be any need for an Arduino.