Recognizing an "arduino"

Ok this is probably a pretty obnoxious question and I'll probably not get a solid answer but I figure it's worth trying.

I got a knockoff arduino off ebay here:

It's supposed to work with the arduino software, and when I plug it in it has a red light, and a slowly blinking blue light, but doesn't show up under the Ports menu in arduino, and I can't find it in my device manger.

Any suggestions?

That is not a knock off, it’s a clone.

You need the drivers for the CH340 to be able to access it. They are built into Linux and Windows 8. If you are on something else, try this link.

They have gone some way to hide the manufacturer in their listing, but we sell them and think they are good. (If they are genuine Baite)

That said, it does say it has a CH340 in the description, so you could have looked up the drivers on your own… Would have been better if they had a link, but then people miss the links to drivers in our listing so it probably wouldn’t have worked for you anyway.

Thank you ChilliTronix. I bought a clone and had a problem with windows 7 (windows 8 worked fine) and downloaded that driver and everything works now. Thanks!

Oh for those that look at the site with his link and get scared as to which button to click the big blue download worked for me.

Hmm, no offense but this is TOTALLY sketchy. I'll try this on an old computer of mine before I do it on my regular computer :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for not looking it up myself, I'm useless with computers themselves, even though I'm proficient at coding. All I know is that normally, I buy an arduino, plug it in, and can code it out of the box. I could just run this on my computer that runs ubuntu, but I can't figure out the process for installing java.

Or I could install kali on another computer and not have to worry about sketchy links and java.

But yeah TLDR thanks for the help, I didn't think I'd get a response, especially so fast!

I'm still having trouble with this, I can't even get it to show up under 'Serial Port' in the IDE. I have tried this on Windows 8 AND on Win7 with the driver installed. When I plug it in, the red power light is on steady, and a blue light labeled 'L' slowly flashes blue. It also does not show up under my device manager on either. Is my board defective?

"try one more time..."
duft punk =)

Steve the Squid. If you are on Windows 8, the CH340 drivers are built in, if not download them.

If you don't want to download the drivers, attach the board to half a house brick, and use it as a paper weight.

I downloaded the CH340 driver for MacOSX and managed to upload about 5 lots of code which all worked - double blink x 3 sequences, stepper via ULN2003 x 3 timing changes, but then I tried a servo sweep from the example and puff! gone! Tried everything as previously suggested to no avail - can't understand it - if it works, it should continue to work, if it didn't work, then it shouldn't suddenly work ???