Recognizing when a note is being played on a bass

Hey everyone. Tried to google about this but found basically nothing.

I was wondering if you have any ideas on how I could make a simple software that tells me when a note is being played on my electric bass. I have no interest in finding the pitch of the note, I would just need to light up a led every time I pluck a string.

My biggest problem is when I'm playing many notes one after the other, I am not sure how to make the software understand exactly when I'm actually plucking the string. I've tried working with "volume" but the plucking of the string doesn't always guarantee a volume peak.

Do you have any ideas or know where I could find some?

Thank you very much!

How have you wired things up. I would have thought you would need an envelope follower circuit ahead of the A/D.

Once you have the hardware set-up so that the audio gives an A/D reading proportional to the signal level (without affecting the audio signal) it should just be a matter of finding the minimum reading you get with a softly plucked string, and finding how low you can make your trigger thresholds without getting false triggers.

You might have to lock-out triggers for a short period of time (during the sustain & decay of the note) so that one pluck doesn’t give you more than one trigger.