Recomendation for an Ethernet shield

looking to buy a lan adaptor for my Duemilanove. I am happy to eBay but USA shipping to the UK is very high compared with Hong Kong. Shipping cost is a large factor as I am on a tight budget.

Any shields to avoid ? Or any vendors to recommend ?



I’d definitely go for the official version with the Wiznet 5100 chip. More expensive but a superior product. I bought one on Ebay, but the vendor isn’t selling them now, he still does the roboduino version with the upside down sockets. SK Pang does them and he’s reliable but not cheap.

The last link is the vendor I bought mine from, but the link is for the Roboduino compatible board and doesn’t directly fit the standard Arduino. I contacted him and says he’ll be selling them again when he gets some.

I'd avoid the Nuelectronics shield, but only because the TCP/IP stack has to be included in the sketch and so it eats up a chunk of the available space.

Other than that I've used both the Adafruit shield with XPort, and the official Arduino Ethernet shield and they're both good (particularly now that you can get DHCP for the official shield).

I'd go with the official shield myself as it's becoming more and more popular.

Thanks. I may have to go for the cheap ENC28J60 boards as I have family to feed.

I could always wait just buying a proto shield this month and get the ethernet shield next month.


If you're looking for cheap protoboards, make them yourself from strip board, the weird spacing on the pin 8 - Aref strip has to be worked around but it can be done. You can buy enough stuff to make 2 or 3 for the price of buying one. Cheap small order electronics stuff with a microcontroller twist in the UK :


I would appreciate if you can check this and let me know if this is the official one? it no longer says roboduino.

Cheers, Pracas

Its the same one I bought from the same vendor. Its probably fair to say it isn't a "real" official one, but it works with the official library which is good enough for me. Go for it.

Hi! I have a few questions concerning the ethernet shields:

Was the SD slot soldered? Did you try out the community Fat 16/32 libs? What headers does it have? Are there femelle ones on the top?

There was a sticker stuck near the SD card saying it wasn't supported although it appeared to be soldered in, I had no need for it so I left it be. Its possible it may be coaxed into working, I don't know.

Thank you!
What headers are soldered?

It has female headers so another shield can be stacked on top of it and these extend into long pins which go right through the board and then plug into the host Arduino.

I think I will go for this compatible shield.
Thanks again!

I just bought another one of these shields and they changed the design since the first one. Instead of the pins being an extension of the pin plugs, they are now seperate so the shield is slightly offset from the arduino when its mounted. It doesn't have a 'not supported' sticker on the SD card socket either. It does work as expected though. Nice quick delivery from said Ebay vendor

Ok, it's less clean but still ok for 10? less!

Exactly ;)