Recommend for 4 digit 7 seg. common anode serial


I've been searching whole morning for a 7 segment, 4 digit, common anode, LED driver IC, that doesn't take all the pins from Arduino. So something that takes only two input pins from Arduino. It is strange, there are few of them for common cathode, but not anode. DIP only.

Found ICM7218A, but it takes 8 pins. MAX7219CNG is brilliant, but it is common cathode, M5450 is great but again, common cathode.

What about the MAX6956?

If I am reading it right, it is supposed to be common anode, up to 28 segments (4 7-seg) LED driver chip; unfortunately the 28 segment version does not come in a PDIP form factor - only 36 pin SSOP and 40 pin TQFN packages...

thanks cr0sh, but I am rookie, can do only DIP.

I gave up and bought common cathode, it was easier and there is a lot more info on MAX7219!!!

Yeah, Squiggler, I am coming to that conclusion as well. Time I spent searching for the common anode driver IC, can be better spent on the design.


FULL TILT. SAA1064 is a good one for common anode. But I already decided to go for common cathode and MAX7219 since there are ready made Arduino libraries here in this forum.

One question, what is better resonator or crystal oscillator?

For $13 + p&p you can have a 4 character 7-segment LED module which only needs a serial signal from the Arduino. Want it to display "1234"? Just do Serial.print("1234").

And you can use any pin for the serial output, if you #include NewSoftSerial.

Why have the hassles of driving the device yourself when such an inexpensive answer is available?

Full details at...