Recommend some super-small displays

Let’s say I needed a display capable of five digits of numbers with a few semicolons (ie. time). I need it lit up somehow for night viewing. I need it pretty thin. And I need it no more than 1/2" high, preferably more like 1/4".

Bonus points for dot matrix displays. More bonus points if they are color. Even more bonus points if I can get longer ones capable of more than my five digits. Even more bonus points if the display is at least slightly flexible.

Goal? To go inside the eye port of a full face helmet without blocking very much of the view and show lap times and potentially other forms of data (that might be alphanumeric or even graphical, if capable).

I’m aware of the offerings from 4D (and have their smallest on order to prototype with). Looking for other options.


This is the smallest display i ever used:

U8glib (Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.) constructor: U8GLIB_LD7032_60x32