Recommend transmitter and reciever for RC car

Hi! I'm just starting out and wonder which networking interface to use for an rc-car or a quadropter.

For use on a quadropter for example, it should be as small as possible. And it would be perfect if I just need 1 Arduino -> so a handheld controller with joystick(s) as remote control would be the most suited thing I guess.

I know very little about possibilities and things arround in tutorials are very specific about certian methods. So which connection method is "good" for use on RC-cars? Like up to 2-10m range, timedependent info transmitting. (Bluetooth seems to be too unrelieable and shorthanded). What do I need to know about radio-controlling? There is so much out there about frequencies and stuff... I wonder if there is an "easy" way. (ie. 433 mhz, 2.4ghz ... what exactly are they and where's the difference?)

Is Xbee what I am looking for? If so, which types of these do I need? 1 transmitter and 1 reciever I guess. This is where I plan to buy..

I found out, that the Xbee systems are quite the self-made solution. So I wonder, if systems like this: With a transmitter for some small rc car would do the trick. These would be perfect! If I buy one of those - what do I have to take care of? Are 3 channels = 3 individual signals/"axes" to serve? Or are those channels just bandwidths for the transmitting?

Thanks for any input!