Recommendation for a display

Hello everyone. I read a lot in the internet about displays for arduino and I get confused :disappointed_relieved: I will happy to receive a recommendation for a TFT touch screen and a liquid crystal lcd that is easy to use/develop and have a good support from the community. I know that there is a wide range of models but I don’t know from where to start

ADA Fruit 2.8" Breakout Board. Expensive compared to the rest but it will be the easiest to get working in my opinion.

I bought one from China,, and I did eventually get it to work but only after about a week. With ADA fruit you will get all the libraries and datasheets whereas I only get the display lol :slight_smile:

If you don’t know already ADAFRUIT make good quality stuff.


I once made a report on some TFTs, which i ordered via ebay.

These displays are also part of the tutorials for ucglib:


b8el018: If you don't know already ADAFRUIT make good quality stuff.

I agree: I've got an adafruit i2c oled. I read the tutorial on their site before I bought it, then when I bought it I downloaded the library and had it working in about 30 seconds.

Maybe they are a little expensive, I don't know since I didn't compare at all, but dead simple to implement.