Recommendation for wireless shield

Hi. I am very new to Arduino and I like it. I made my first (and only for now) project: TV ambilight. Used parts/software: WS2812B LED strip, Arduino nano, some jumpers, wires, power supply, adalight_ws2812 and Hyperion on Archlinux laptop which is right above of TV and serving as home media server (lot of other servers are also running on this laptop). And whoala, it is working like a charm :slight_smile: Of course, since everything is physically close to each other, Arduino is connected to laptop via USB cable.

I have DIY lamp made by me with LED strip. This is the basic white LED strip without any smart stuff on it. I would like to replace it with WS2812B and control it with another Arduino nano, connected to same Hyperion server on mentioned laptop. Of course, this lamp is little far from laptop and I don't want to mount long USB cable across whole room :slight_smile:

Question: what shield, addition, or what ever I need to buy, so I can connect Arduino nano with laptop serial port wirelessly?


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