Recommendation/Ideas on Battery Voltage Monitor

Hello folks what would be a recommended method to monitor battery voltage. In my land roving robot, I will have separate power supplies for motors and (Arduino + other electronics). I am looking to monitor the batteries and display the strength on the display unit (and also Tx the data to the homebase upon request).

I heard that this chip does a good job - but, have not played w/ it myself.

If someone can recommend ideas, that is much appreciated.

thank you in advance

If you know the max voltage on your supplies why not use a potential divider?

If you dont know the voltage of the supply, or it fluctuates you could use this schmatic to sense the voltage. We use this to monitor battery voltage in a car (with alternator it can rise and fall).

Hope this helps you or someone else.

thank you all for your recommendations. I will resort to the voltage divider option.