Recommendation needed, 12-16 channels 12-bit SPI interface ADC

I'm looking for an ADC with a mininum of: 12 channels or two 8 channels 12-bit resolution SPI communication, I2C may do; however, I'm already using SPI for the data logger. Capable of reading 5V Speed is not very important DIP preferred but not a big deal

Have you used something along these lines? What would you recommend?

Yes I have - in fact just designed an 8-channel SPI ADC onto a PIC based board so it could have Analog in like an ATMega. Will look up the part number when I get home in few hours.

It's only 8 channels, but 16 bit (14 at high speeds) Max1168...QSOP package, but you can get a dip converter. I've just started hooking one up and started talking to it last night.

Analog Devices asks: "Why do more engineers choose ADI data converters over the next 8 suppliers combined?"

'Cause they make great parts like this!

Flexible serial interface SPI-/QSPI-/MICROWIRE-/DSP-compatible

Input Channels 12-bit successive approximation ADC 16 inputs with sequencer Fast throughput rate: 1 MSPS Wide input bandwidth: 70 dB SNR at fIN = 50 kHz

and! :

Output channels 16 outputs with 12-bit DACs On-chip 2.5 V reference Hardware LDAC and LDAC override function Rail-to-rail operation

Thank you. Interesting, I came across a MAXIM MAX1238 Evaluation Kit 12bit 12 Channel ADC yesterday on eBay and I purchased it. I will be testing it and see how it works, the nice thing is that th evaluation board has built in resistors and capacitors, it looks like a low pass filter at each input, which will help me with a problem I'm having with too much electric noise in the readings I'm taking.