Recommendation on Bluetooth shield

I will be using an arduino to control a stepper motor, but I would like to control it from my iPhone. The type of movements the motor must perform are rather simple. Turn 90-degrees, turn 180-degrees. So they can be simple "buttons" in the iPhone interface ideally. Is there a reliable bluetooth shield out there that is easy to program, and that can provide me with some type of iPhone interface ideally with an easy app to make buttons?

Thank you in advance.

I believe you need a bluetooth 4.0 device to connect to an iphone (2.1 will connect to Android phones). I haven't used it, but this seeedstudio shield is bluetooth 4.0 complainant (I have used the 2.1 based shield for occasional use on an Uno).

Great. This is actually one of the options I was looking at. The software in the video lacked a very important control for me, which is a simple button. the software had alot of other options for switches and sliders, but does it have a simple button? Has anybody actually tried this unit?

Anyone have other suggestions for bluetooth shields with outstanding iPhone support?


Android interface is very easy. Are you okay using any terminal program (without fancy Buttons) for iPhone ? Check your PM