Recommendations for a cheap and simple wireless communication to iPhone?

Still chipping away at my DSLR slider project in spare time, i'm at the point where i need to get more input. That means either 4 button LCD, or even better iPhone control!

There are some stipulations though - Needs to work with a UNO R3 or similar. Want to keep I2C available. - I will write the software myself and I'm not worried if it needs to be jailbroken. - That means any wifi protocol, i.e. WiFi, Bluetooth LE, or standard Bluetooth 4. BLE pref tho for battery. - Only need be simple, slow, one way communication from the iPhone to Arduino. Just update a few vars. - No room for stacking on top of the UNO and can't hog too many pins. I need 3 ins and 2 outs already. - Reasonably priced. I'll stick with LCD if it's too high. I've seen Wifi shields for $99. Just not practical for this project. $20 Bluetooth shields are more like it.

Anyone used something in this capacity before with some recommendations?

Ok I’m thinking ‘Bluno’ is going to suit this best.