Recommendations for a servo

I have a T-800 head that is 3d printed. It is pretty light weight. I just want it to be able to rotate left, and right. There are so many servos that I’m not sure the correct one to get for my purposes.

I have attached an image with things that show the skull size. It is not 1:1.

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I suggest you get a cheap standard size servo and see if that works. If not, you won't have wasted much money. The "digital" servos are a little more expensive, but are less likely to have strange twitches. Digital and analog servos are controlled the same way using the Servo library.


It might help if you had a numbers for “pretty light weight” and “not 1:1”. A lot of us round here have engineering backgrounds and we prefer numbers to waffle.

I recently animated a complete skeleton model height approx 18", and 9 gram servos worked for that. Your skull is obviously bigger so I guess Robin’s idea of a standard servo (Hitec HS422 size) is indeed a good place to start.


I would have posted a weight, but I have no way of getting an accurate weight for you guys to know.