Recommendations for boards and component parts

I am in the US and I was wondering what are the top three best sites in everyone opinion for ordering part components (relays, resisters that kind of stuff)?

Second, I have an Arduino Uno is there an advantage to having other kinds of Ardinos? And where are the good places to buy those as well as shields?


Three big names I know of for components are DigiKey, Mouser, and Jameco.

Mucho Thanks!

Yeah i have seen Digikeys ads all over YT vids. I have seen a few things on eBay but I would rather avoid the wasteful spending of my local Radio Shack and I figured the vast majority Arduino users would know where the REAL deals were as well as the decent companies.

I just ordered a component from Asia (somewhere) so there is no telling when it will arrive. Normally, I go to China every year but this year I didn't. ow when I go I will have a list in my hands to get what I can.

Sorry, I took a rabbit trail.

Thanks for the info!


Do you absolutely need new components? Will surplus work? If so - here are my top three online surplus sites:

Note that these sites also sell "new-old stock" - in that the stock is "new-in-package" or similar, but not recently manufactured. Sometimes they also sell new stock that is simply surplus; read the part descriptions carefully, and shop accordingly.

Noooo I don't need new. If I could find this stuff at my local Goodwill store I would grab what I could. LOL

Thanks for the suggestions!

I buy from a lot. Very good price on shipping. Recently ordered from, good prices, low shipping.