Recommendations for IR Night Vision Circuit

Hi All,

I'm looking to build an array of 5 IR LEDs that I can run off the Arduino 5V supply and switch of an Analogue or Digital Pin. I have a few TSAL6100s, but may mix with wider beam ones.

Are there any circuits you'd recommend?



Yes, that's what I mean (Duemilanove). I have external 5 and 12v supplies I can use. I think the load is pretty small on these, but will do some research before I connect these to the 5v (via a switching transistor etc).


There is nothing different about powering IR LEDs vs. ordinary visible LEDs.

Well - other than not being able to see the output!


For prototyping purposes, I would add an "off-to-the-side" normal LED, so you can see that "yes, signal is there" - plus, to check if the IR LEDs are actually lighting up, point a cheapo web camera at them; most of the el-cheapo cameras don't have an IR filter, and you can easily see IR LEDs when they are lit on them (test with an old remote).

Maybe some of these can be used?

I think the load is pretty small on these

I think you will find it is not. IR LEDs can take significantly more current than conventional LEDs.

Even an expensive digital camera will show IR LEDs in an electronic viewfinder. Even though they have an IR filter in them enough gets through to see that the LED is on.

Those pre-made plates look good.

I already have a webcam with the IR filter removed.

Be aware that just because you can't see IR, don't assume it can't damage your eyes - it can!
I've worked with IR LED illuminators with eye-safe distances of 3 to 4 metres, uncollimated.

Hello everyone. I'm still a newbie in Arduino but I will be using Gizduino (arduino clone) instead coz it's the only arduino like board available here in our country.

Uhm, I want to ask if if this Guizdino is compatible and can be programmed with the IR night-vision camera and alarm for our thesis project. Our goal with our project is to detect human heat by the used of that camera (which is complete surveillance at night time) then transfer the data to the PC/Computer. The Gizduino Board is the portal (for video/data transfering) from the camera to the PC/Computer using usb cables. On the Gizduino Board, an alarm is also connected on it (using usb cables, if possible) and alarms/sounds if human heat is detected. We will also be making a GUI software for log file/auditing purposes and camera settings. Is my schematic correct? Is this possible?

  • I'm don't have Gizduino yet but I'm planning to buy it already.

Thank you!

this is the link for the gizduino board (

hoping for replies.thanks!

Our goal with our project is to detect human heat by the used of that camera (which is complete surveillance at night time)

I think you may be confusing “image-intensifier camera” or “short wavelength IR illuminator camera” (cheap night vision camera) with “long wavelength IR” (anything-but-cheap thermal camera).

Do you have a spec for the camera?

But anyway, as has already been said, whichever type, interfacing in any useful way to an Arduino is a waste of effort.