Recommendations for Sensor packs for more advanced projects?

I am looking for a good/cheap sensor pack. I originally bought the Vilros Starter kit, although you are kinda limited to controlling LEDs.

I am looking for something with Accelerometers, Filtering, LED screens, CAN Controllers. Preferably with guides but it can be without. Thanks for the help!

I think you'll need to buy specific things, try,,

I agree with CrossRoads, don’t by a sensor pack. Buy something thas has your interest from the store or from or They have tutorials and libraries.

Arduino and CAN is something for advanced users. An accelerometer and gyro requires a good library and knowledge about software 3D filters. An OLED screen can be very nice. has a CAN shield, has the rest.

This is a good start :

A couple of other ideas:

  1. LIDAR - there are a few options here, but one of the best and cheapest is to get a Neato vacuum robot sensor, and hook that up

  2. Thermal IR - there are a few sensors for this that aren't too expensive - then mount on a pan/tilt servo platform and scan an area to build up a "heat map"

  3. Also - if you mount the LIDAR sensor on a pan or pan/tilt unit (depending on what sensor you get) - you can build up a 3D point cloud of distance readings

  4. How about creating a "sound analysis" device - have a microphone and pre-amp feed into an analog input, then write software to analyze the sound...

  5. ...then hook up 2 or 3 of those modules to another Arduino (or to a PC) - and try to sense directional sounds.

For a nice 'basic' sensor kit.. I liked this one:

Although it looks like your wants/needs are a bit more specific... this is still a nice little 'kit' to have for quickly prototyping/playing with different projects..