Recommended book / guide?

Hi all,
since buying my Arduinos I’ve have some excellent help from the members of this forum that has pretty much always enabled me to complete the various projects that I’ve had a play with.

I was a fortran programmer years ago and have tried to keep my hand in with various versions of BASIC over the years…so I have some programming background but this is the first time I’ve done anything C related.

As someone who likes to understand the code I’m entering rather than just having it ‘work’ at the end I wondered if there are any books that others out there use and would recommend for the next step in learning good quality code?

…and any tips for persuading my wife that a book on Arduino programming IS good quality holiday reading and does not make me a sad geek that should be left at home? :-[

Maybe one of the books from Make:

I have taken a look at ‘making things talk’ and it looks very good but I have not got round to purchasing one yet. It is based on arduino projects.
People also say the ‘getting started with arduino’ is very good.


‘Safer C’ by Les Hatton

Thanks for these I'll take a look.
I bought 'getting started' iphone version from iTunes before buying my first Arduino. Was a useful introduction.
I also liked the format of the Earthshine pdf.

Thinking that it might be worth to start looking at something related to the language itself rather than Arduino texts which tend to be more project based.

Learning curve keeps getting steeper :slight_smile:

I always thought the place to start with C was kernighan and ritchie. A free predecessor of that (without ritchie) is at: