recommended high toque small motor

hey guys can anyone recommend a motor for a about 1 foot long rc car its going to be more of off road usage rather then speed needs to be small and light ?

Small motors have less torque, due to the laws of physics(*). However gears allow you to trade speed for

You need to work out how much speed and torque you want first - that determines the power needed and
that will then allow a suitable motor choice.

(*) more precisely for equal magnetic flux density and current density in the motor gap and windings
the torque depends on the motor volume (or rather the volume of the rotor). Active cooling allows more
current and thus more torque. For more power you can run the motor faster since power = torque x angular
velocity. This is why small motors are usually run very fast, to get usable amounts of power.

hmm so now I do not think I know any where near as much as I want about torque and rotational physics so first how do gears alter the way it works again on a car about one foot in length and I think using a motor for each wheel.

Well perhaps wheel size, vehicle weight, max linear speed, max incline slope would be useful figures to give us then?