Recommended Path - School Project

I have recently been given the task to produce a project using any part of software and i chose to use Arduino just because it looked interesting. However, I am unsure on how to approach the task, I wish to create a set of traffic lights, a 4-way intersection where the lights are on a timed circuit. Any help on how to begin would be great, I have already got the design ready and i was just wondering about what programming i would need as I am new to this entire Arduino business

Cheers guys :)

An Arduino Uno A breadboard and some jumper wires will be handy when you're testing things out. 5mm LEDs (or pick from individual colors) Resistors (to limit LED current). 220 ohm is a good start but if you get finicky on how bright the LEDs are you might want to grab a few more in the 100 to 1000 range. You could also try trimmers to really tweak the brightness.

You'll also want a bunch of solid (not braided) copper wire to hook things up. Telephone cable for in-wall wiring -- not the flat, silver stuff -- is good for this or pull the wires out of an ethernet cable. Cheaper, not-so-flexible ethernet cables are usually solid wire.

Start with the Blink example and go from there.

What Chagrin said AND: Write down all the steps (including delays to allow the traffic to flow) your lights will go through (allowing for pedestrian controlled crossing periods, if desired) in sequence. Hey presto, you've just written the basis for your code! Just translate it into C++ syntax.