Recommended reading for a novice to learn electronics and arduino programming?

im going make this a little long, but detailed as to keep away any confusions.
Please read this it is very important to me, there may be some punctuation errors.

what i want to do:
Make my arduino control things,
use other hacked motors to control things
and learn the ins and outs.

My problem:
my knowledge of ohms volts resistors capacitors transistors amps IC's and other tools is basic.
my programming knowledge is less than basic but i am working on that.

My question:
Where do i go from here?
I want to learn everything i can, i want to learn more programming, more about not destroying my parts by overloading them, and why everything works how it does. i understand a lot of the basics very well, but there is so much to learn and i have the time to when im not at work. I'm dying to learn, i want to make my ideas start working. i am willing to wait the time it takes before i start controlling things, but i need to learn everything i can.

where do I go from here...

get a book, download the IDE and study the examples, Check out the tutorials in playground, read through the forums, Google... just a few suggestions..

Glad you are interested in getting involved!
There are many sites on the web teaching about electronics here is just one:

There is a saying, experience varies directly as equipment is ruined.
Try not to be discouraged if things don't work the first time and if you destroy a few things now and then.
An Arduino UNO is a good starting board, buy a few extra controller chips with boot loader as you may have a few accidents.
Keep up with your education.

Where do i go from here?

Learn to ask questions better. "Project guidance and help" tells us nothing about what you wanted (the fact you're posting in this forum already tells us you're after that type of help), and "please read only takes a minute" makes me less inclined to bother, not more. A better title might have been "Recommended reading for a novice to learn about electrics, electronics and Arduino programming?"

It's not too late, you can still fix the title of your thread.

Thanks for the advice.
Im very used to being scrutinized on internet forums for being new,not being clear or anything else really. i went through all the forum topics and didnt really know the best place to post since i dont really have a “project”.
i appreciate everyones help. i have an arduino board; the uno, i guess i forgot to mention. pretty foolish since thats what i came here for.
Novice is precisely the word, thank you.

@the other comments, I opened up the examples for servos to try and figure out each thing step by step, and i saw
#include <Servo.h>
so i followed the trail into the contents of the IDE and found servo.h and opened it with notepad.
That was about the same time i felt my brain explode…
so going to check out some things on electronics first to get started, then experiment? i lost some components the first few days toying around like putting an 8 ohm speaker directly to my 5v powered circuit. i didnt know what would happen really


Don't worry about Servo.h yet. A main reason for "Libraries" is to pull together details out of your sight, but help you use them.

Take a look at the http://ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI to start:

@LarryD suggested which is a good Electronics starting place.

I think the best basic Electronics book right now is MAKE:Electronics My list of good/better books is here:

For programming, "Programming Arduino - Getting started with Sketches" by Simon Monk is very good.

Go For It!!

this website all about circuits is actually really awesome. i never understood the notation but i was just kind of winging it. i will go through this site first since im already learning some fundamentals then i will check out your wikis and sites. thank you so much for the literature!