Reconfigyring the Alarm (TimeAlarms library)


I'm using alarms from TimeAlarms library. It's working just fine. I can configure a alarmRepeat to turn on a relay at the given time.
The problem is, when I try to modify this alarm, it won't set turn the relay on again.
For example, the alarm was set to 19:20:00. It turned the relay on and, a minute later, off. So now I want it to do it again 19:30. I reconfigure the alarm, but nothing happens.
For instance, I save the alarm info in the EEPROM, and when I start the arduino I read it and configure the alarm. If I reset the arduino, 19:30 alarm will work. But just this once.

Here is how I'm configuring the alarm:

AlarmId alarme; //Alarme

//... some code
void setup(){
  //some more code

  // alarme -> the alarm ID
   alarme = Alarm.alarmRepeat(alarmTime[0],alarmTime[1],alarmTime[2], turnReleOn); //0 - hour, 1 - minute, 2 - second

// ... some code

And here is how I update my alarm time:

void updateAlarm(){
  time_t newTime =  AlarmHMS(alarmTime[0],alarmTime[1],alarmTime[2]);

I can't see where I'm messing up.
I also tried to enable the alarm (even though the readme.txt says the write function is suposed to do that).

I can't see where I'm messing up.

Nor I. Maybe they can over at

Here, we expect to see ALL of your code.