Record and playback 433 MHz RF signal

If you have a 433MHz transmitter and receiver pair and are looking for a simple way to receive a signal from an RF remote and play it back using an Arduino - you are in luck. I have been experimenting with these modules for about a month now, because I couldn't find a site which showed me how to do this. So I tried to do it myself. And it worked !! And it is simple. Very simple.... Here is what you will need :

  • an Arduino
  • 433 MHz transmitter and receiver pair
  • an RF remote (433 MHz)
  • wires, breadboard, power source, button, LEDs and 330 ohm resistor . This will NOT require a

  • computer (other than uploading the sketch to the Arduino)

  • sound card

  • or any libraries (eg. VirtualWire etc etc.)

Here is a link to my full tutorial and video which explains the full process, and has all the code:

I used these RF modules to turn on a light and fan using an Arduino. Obviously the fan/light was capable of receiving 433 MHz RF commands. I would like to know if this method works for you ->On your RF module, with your 433 MHz RF remote etc.

Regards ScottC

The Arduino will forget the signal when powered down or when the board is reset.

Why not add an option to save a signal to EEPROM?

That is a great suggestion. I will look into it !!

Here is a video link to the "project in action" - for anyone that is interested :)