Record and Playback device


This is my first post, so apologies if it's not the usual.

I am currently looking for a piece of tech that is so simple it doesn't seem to exist - think I may have to build it.

I basically need a device onto which I can load audio recordings. The device also needs a keypad - the audio recordings will be played back by entering numbers of the keypad. E.g.

123 = "Hi, my name is Tom"

134 = "How are you feeling today?"

The device will need to hold about 50 prerecorded messages, no longer than 30 seconds each. It will also have to be about the same size as a walkie-talkie, it can be smaller, just no bigger!

I am sure this is such a silly and simple request but I can't find anything online that fits the requirements. Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

It may be worth saying that this is a device to be used in a school lesson - basically faking interactivity with a video - the students are set challenges and they call different numbers to receive clues from various individuals.

Thanks all

MDfly makes some mp3 players that can be controlled with a key press or with a serial interface. The serial interface command can select a track, pause, play, and the usual stuff. The only rub is that the mp3 files have to be named with a number like 01.mp3.

So to get your complete solution, you just need an Arduino, a 12 key keypad, an mp3 player card, a SD card with the audio files, a case to put it in, and the software to make it work. Clearly the trick bit is writing the software.