Record Audio and Store it on an SD card

Hi everyone!
I would like to know how it is possible to record audio in good quality and maybe some records longer than a minute and to store in on a SD card?
Or can I only record low quality and short record?

What are my possibilities?

PS: I a completly new to arduino so excuse me :confused:

Thank you

For good quality you are generally looking getting at an audio shield to record audio.

You can do it with Arduino ( Advanced Features ยท TMRh20/TMRpcm Wiki ยท GitHub ) but the quality is nothing to brag about.

This only runs on Teensy 3.1, but it can record 16 bit, 44.1 kHz (mono) audio to most SD cards. Even if you never intend to use Teensy, maybe the code can help with understanding what's involved?

One of the huge challenges is the high write latency of many SD cards, even ones rated "class 10". Near the end of contineRecording() there's a couple commented out Serial.print() lines to show how long each SD card write takes. Each 512 byte sector stores about 5.8 ms of sound. The example only works because the AudioRecordQueue object can buffer quite a lot of audio for the occasional writes that take longer than 5.8 ms.