Recording audio from multiple sources


I got an Arduino yesterday and I have a very specific goal in mind. To set the stage, I am a very proficient programmer who has worked in the technology and games industry as an entrepreneur for a long time. I have amongst other things written several console emulators (amongst them a cycle-perfect NES emulator) on my free time, so I'm very well versed in that area. I haven't done actual digital design in a long time, but I could probably have built a somewhat sophisticated CPU of discrete components a decade or so ago, but I'm quite bit rusty in that field. Analogue electronics I can hardly remember anything of and never spent much time with. So that's where I am at.

On a high level, what I want to accomplish, is recording audio from four channels and passing them on through Bluetooth. I think my best bet would probably be to use a (mono) microphone with a built-in ADC, with the added requirement that I'd like to record the audio from four sources simultaneously.

Any pointers on this would be greatly appreciated. Should I start tearing down microphones, or are there pre-made boards that could accomplish this available? Price is not an issue.

Thanks so much!

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For BT audio a sufficiently fast controller is required, that can continuously transmit audio streams. This is not a domain of Arduino controllers.

An Arduino could easily allow to select one of several analog audio inputs, and hand it on unprocessed to an audio amplifier, recorder or transmitter.