Recording DC motor state

So I wanna make this project where I have two DC motors and a driver which will be connected with Arduino Uno. They will roll a paper which is about 2m long and has pictures on it. It will be like gift box with switch and you can go up and down... And the problem is if I roll too much on one side paper will just go other way(like you roll a curtain too much and when it reaches the longest reach it goes rolling in other direction). So my question is can i somehow record state of DC motor using EEPROM so when I for example am in the middle of the paper in the beginning it is in 0, so when i roll to the top of paper it has barrier and DC motor cant turn no more that way (simple if statement, with while?). And with EEPROM it perhaps can remember last motors state so it does not start from the middle all the time. So I just basically need 2 rollers who will roll the paper (kinda like old greek cartoon writings or something) and it rolls both sides but also cant OVER-roll.
I am also open to other solutions. Thanks for any help in advance!