Recording time delay using arduino mega 2560

I’m just curious for a project are you able to record time delay.

  1. IR emitter sends signal & arduino stopwatch starts
  2. IR Receiver receives signal and timer stops
  3. Works out time difference (delta time format) end time - start time = total time
  4. Displays on LCD.

Is the arduino fast enough to do this?

I don’t think it is quick enough, as have to do multiple instructions literally simultaneously?
But has anyone else know if it could happen as I have a vague knowledge using arduino?


Is this question something like this?

yeah very similar but using it to record time delay in light being sent and received?

What was the answer last time you asked? Do you think the answer has changed in the intervening months?

didn't have an answer last time I asked thats why I'm asking it again

You did get some pretty clear answers. Maybe you didn't understand them. Let me précis them.


No I asked last time how to write code for it, this time I'm asking is it actually possible to do which is 2 completely different questions

What's the point of writing code, if what the code is supposed to do isn't possible?

Thats what is asked on this. I first asked before Christmas how to write the code for it but didn't actually do it and have asked this time is it possible to do perform what is required before starting it, if you can read everything in order you would of seen it

If you had read the other thread, you would [u]have[/u] seen that what you wanted to do was not possible.