Recover data store in am extEEPROM

Hello everyone, I´m new in all this world of arduino boards, I recently acquire an arduino UNO but I was short of time to used for the first time until a friend of mine from work came to me with a lots of temperature data loggers that gets dead after a hurricane. They using a 24C512 I2C eeprom to store the data. My initial idea was to use the UNO to read that memory cause the original circuity board was off so the original software was unable to recover the data. I can just read the eeprom using arduino and some code that I pick up from the internet but only the first line mean something to me cause it is the serial number of the device and some personalized info that my friend put to identify it. the rest are HEX sequences.
I have do my research and know that out format of this device doing by the software is date, time and temperature with one decimal point.
So my question is, there is some way to put this data in the eeprom that they have a different format so they can´t be read as the first line. I have the dump of the memory.
If someone have some idea of how I can deal with this, please I be´ll grateful forever...
thanks in advance

The following information are needed give a thought on your problem:

1. Type of temperature sensor that was used.

2. The source codes of the acquisition software.


Hi cvrjmd,

I combined Hobbytronics external I2C EEPROM and the EEPROM_Anything libraries to allow my Arduino to read and write any data type or structure to/from the 24LCxxx EEPROM.

The file can be found together with an example, in comment #7 here: EEPROM by emulation?? - Arduino Zero - Arduino Forum.

Just extract the file and place two unzipped folders in your ...\Arduino\libraries... directory. Note that the code assumes that the EEPROM I2C address is set to 0x50, that is all the address lines A0, A1 and A2 are pulled low.

Here's a link to the Hobbytronics EEPROM code:

EEPROM_Anything is actually just two C++ template functions detailed here: Arduino Playground - EEPROMWriteAnything.