recover the roll and pitch values on multiwii program

Hello guys, I would need help, I am new to Arduino.For a project I use ADXL345 accelerometer and I use it for the program MultiWii the problem is that I need to recover the roll and pitch values displayed in the multixiiconf I circled in red on the picture. I need to recover all the values taken during the tests and be able to recover in excel or something similar.
thank you for your understanding and your help

Do you have the MultiWii source code ?

Yes i have it but it's really complexe ; we can get it here :

It seems to me that you have two choices.

Write a program on the PC to interpret the data received and save it for analysis or Understand the MultiWii source code well enough to extract the data that you want.

thanks for helping me , But the problem is that in the multixiiconf i caliber my accelerometre and after i read the values then write a program or tried to understand for me as a beginner will be hard

You might consider choosing a simpler project for learning, and tackle this one later. For example, you could buy the BNO055 sensor and just read out the roll and pitch values.