Recovering code from Uno


over the last few days I've been developing a little project. Unfortunately Windows decided to re-boot overnight.

When I re-started the IDE, it 'automagically' brought up the skecth I was working on, but only an old version, and I haven't saved all my 'good work'.

Is there any way to recover it from the Arduino? if it helps, it's actually a Freetronics Etherten, and I'm using Windows 8.

TIA Dave

You can't get the source code from the Arduino since by the time it is uploaded it has been compiled into machine code.

Figured that, but at least if I had HEX code, I can re-load it if I stuff right up trying to re-write it. I also 'assume' there are de-compilers out there.. and I should have a fair memory of the code, if not the exact thing.


rewriting the code is often the fastest way to recover - except for making backups


thanks for the input.

Rob, I've re-written the basic code, and will do the rest shortly.