Recovery sketch

Dear All,

I am accidentally deleted my sketch (whole folder) using the delete function inside the Arduino 1.05 software. Is there possible to recovery the sketch? I use several data recovery software but none of files related to the project can recover. Thank you. Bun


I decided to re-write code I lost when Windows re-booted overnight. Perhaps it’s a suggestion for the next IDE version to keep a temporary file.

Of course there’s no substitute for saving or backing up!


Dear Dave,

Thanks for your reply.

I have several backup *ino file but it was in the same folder. I didn't aware that the "delete" function inside the Arduino software is delete whole folder!! :astonished:


Hi Bun,

Everything is done and nothing to do about. For the next time take a look here C:\Program Files\Arduino\hardware\tools\avr\pn\ or whatever is your path for Arduino, and you find this pn.exe that is Programmer Notepad. A very decent program to use for writing code. Give it a try.

When everything is kind of OK you can load the ino file in Arduino IDE and test it and return to pn to change and return to IDE and so on ...

Good luck!

For the future: Place your sketches-folder inside your Dropbox. This way you have all your sketches, libraries etc across all your computers and in the cloud. This has never let me down.

When re-installing one of my machines, all i have to check is the Dropbox-icon in the taskbar, and then it's just delete and start-over.

// Per.